Your kids should attend TedxKidsGbagada

TedxKidsGbagada will showcase the passion, enthusiasm and potential of your students !


This pilot event will offer students a unique platform to share their ideas,learn cool new things and meet superb role models. The theme for this year is INTERCONNECTED because TedxKidsGbagada is connecting the minute and grandiose things together to achieve great results.


TedxKidsGbagada is connecting leaders of tomorrow in a worldwide event on a local level. The conversations, activities, speakers and activities will bring about a mind shift in the life’s of the students, as they as set to discuss great ideas and even practice some themselves.

The kids may just learn out to make something out of nothing but they have to attend to see what that means.

They’ll never see the world in the same light again, every turn would become an opportunity, their life’s will magically change and they would be able to brag that they were present at the pilot TedxKidsGbagada.

TedxKidsGbagada is a brain massage day for the students, their cognitive ability will be stretched and the activities will blow away mediocrity.

I wish I could be a kid once again, if only TedxKidsGbagada started when I was nine. Now I’m 22 but I’m still at heart.

Your kids should attend TedxKidsGbagada

Make sure your business is digital

They are loads of information from the digital space today,the world is constantly evolving and the digital industry is at the forefront. Some entrepreneurs imagine that if they can build it, customers will come?  No it takes more! To build and stay consistent, you must know how to tell a powerful story online.


Digital marketing is the cost effective place to start and grow your business by utilizing the internet and mobile phones. Usually to gain traction on your customers, is often a challenge for business owners and startups.

Every entrepreneur should have a strategy, and metrics to measure what’s working and how much it costs. If you want to gain traction and relevance in your business online

1. Define your brand ‘fire’s give your customers heat. Every entrepreneur needs to market their brand with something to say, something that will ignite people’s mind. Digital marketing is about telling memorable stories with your brand and establishing a voice.

2. Determine the best digital channel that suits your startup, yes you can have it all but usually one fits perfectly. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram are different worlds. I often advice people not to neglect twitter because it’s best for customer delivery and sometimes interactions.

A clear objective will give your great start, and would propel giant strides in all directions.

3. Create and leverage relevant engaging content. Content most often comes in form of a blog post, podcast,video or email. The key thing here is for you build a strategic plan that leads to your clear objective.
When creating your content, know your vertical!

Remember that engaging content directly relates to your target customer needs.

4. Listen to your customers, it dignifies your brand and labels you as a social listener. Obviously you have to investigate queries and complaints, appreciate praise and appreciate your customers as well.

Engage in community questions, it feels content, spark conversation and turns doubts to opportunities.

5. Integrate a measuring message across all channels and platforms. For example link your social channels to your landing page or website. Subscribe to mail chimp for easy sign up.

6. Finally measure overtime, filter your initiatives overtime and review your content. You can sign up for free trials on or any other web analytical tool.

Digital marketing is the way to excel without breaking your budget as it ensures you to be effective. It requires strategy, relevance and brand spark promise.


Make sure your business is digital

The E-bug

Have you noticed that these days everyone is an entrepreneur? All over social media people advertise themselves as CEOs, it’s interesting.

Entrepreneurship is a vague philosophical concept that is trending right now, it’s like an ubiquitous microbe.


Some of these entrepreneur-wannabes consider themselves as the real ‘hustlers’ they believe working for yourself is the coolest thing since Cold stone creamery 😀😀


Being an entrepreneur isn’t for everyone and that’s fine. Just like any other job in the world, it may not be a good match for you. It doesn’t make you less of a person and it doesn’t mean you won’t be successful in whatever endeavour you choose. 

We are both aware that majority of our historical favorites weren’t entrepreneurs. Name yours?


It’s not your fault if the bug hasn’t bitten you  just go do something that you really like whether or not you have a boss – embrace it.

Entrepreneurship isn’t better than a regular job, yes it allows you to be free, afraid of numbers and passionate about something, the point is it’s just different. It doesn’t make one intellectually superior, do you agree?
If deep down you’re not passionate about it and you are not ready to be called foolish or stupid biko don’t bother.


You have to be utterly possessed by it, funny thing is that most entrepreneurs aren’t gifted or talented (I don’t have facts,just saying) I’m gifted sha😊 they are just full of passion because plan b no dey for some! I kuku have plan W.


Know your purpose. Be a problem solver whichever environment you find yourself.. I have seen a lot of SME’s without traction or sales and their CEO’s still consider themselves entrepreneurs. Kotinu oh! Find your niche and do exploits

Don’t be a profitless entrepreneur  Oluwatobi Adesuwa Balogun

I have been writing in my journal all this while, blogging is not bread, it’s more like pepperoni chicken porridge. Yes I missed it and I’m back

Meanwhile this post is inspired by quite a number of articles and blogs I have read and of course daily social media bants.

The E-bug

Find you!

Before you know it,it’s going to be a new day, a new month but that’s inevitable. The question is what will be different about you? Are you ready to take charge of you life?
Hi my name is Oluwatobi,your friend,advisor and consultant. I’m a Creative expert and so on,I have decided to take charge of my life with God still being the total controller. Yes he has given me power to be a boss and use every opportunity effectively.
Ok don’t be confused or perplexed, all you need is to be in charge and to find your purpose, you know finding purpose is like finding yourself. According to me, “Purpose is a one time discovery but self development is a life long commitment.” You’ll find you once and keep rebranding yourself into effective versions of the first you.
So now the question is “Are you satisfied yet unfulfilled or unsatisfied and unfulfilled?” Back to high school economics human wants/needs are insatiable,so most people care for the daily or monthly bread and blame the government( NG economy has been bad for awhile tho), their parents or even their institutions. You know for a while I blamed my course of study like I was blind when I started, lol. I have good news – stop the blame,excuse that excuse and take charge now. There’s no cost, no training for now and it’s at your disposal 24/7, ahh is it online or offline? NO! Its finding your purpose. Find yourself and you’ll forever be fulfilled. How? Firstly I strongly recommend asking God then you can ascertain what you love and what you hate. After your discovery think deeply,write down your thoughts,streamline the achievables and ACT! Your purpose is connected to your gifts,talents and passion. At the end of January,I don’t what you to look back and wonder what went wrong. I wish that you find peace,productivity and prosperity. This is just the beginning, it’s a life journey in as much as I want you to start now don’t measure yourself with others living their dreams,you’ll soon be there provided you’re ready to take charge. It’s no lazy man’s terrain you’ll need to grow,plan and network.

You can send me a mail p.s I don’t like my mail name 😂or feel free to comment. God and I are here for you.

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Find you!

My Alpha Lofty Heights Influence

I highly anticipated the lofty heights conference by Coach Wale Tejumade, ever since my friend Daniel Otabor sent me the broadcast I decided I wasn’t going to miss it for any owambe in Lagos. Been the hair naturalist that I am I decided to fix my hair so I would look glamorous and lofty😁, Saturday came and I boarded keke to bar beach bus stop and trekked to Terra Kulture (my first time there) imagine that place is really cool I want to own a place like that some day…..
I then saw my coach oo Mr Wale but I didn’t introduced myself as promised I was too shy (It’s a No-no) but I learnt alot from the conference. It was like a talk concert Glowreeyah, the Worship minister brought the miracle of God down,Ranti the classical yoruba artist sang a brilliant old school folk and Gaise baba awa tush oo wowed the audience with titilai. Oh I connected with a couple of motivators Bankole Williams and Damilola Fatoyinbo are super cool, Ifunto was beyond charming. Olakunle Soriyan disrupted my thoughts for a while I can’t believe he doesn’t have a Masters degree. Morayo Brown captivated me and Titi Oyinsan (the dynamite) captured my heart.. The main man coach Wale lifted my spirits to be very honest the conference is indescribable need I say more the hosts were spectacular,highly impressed with Omoh Anets and Ayo Thompson you looked regal.
Below are some points I learnt from the various panelists,they were all awesome by the way…Story for another day.
1. Find purpose by looking for what you like or what you hate.
2. Your lowest point maybe the highest point to the discovery of your purpose.
3. Don’t say I’ll try again,what you can’t do for people never say YES!
4. God speaks even in the Toilet. God thinks hence thinking is spirtual.
5. Reflections converts experience into insights.
6. Combos for excellence – God,Vision and Network.
7. Your content is the depth and strength of your thinking.
8.The intangible things sometimes makes a difference.
9. Place premium on networking,never toy with people.
10. In branding, perception is important. 11. You can’t pull any stunts without God. The Holy spirit is the best!
12. Network with people, visit exciting places and attend powerful events.
I wish I could go on and on because my brain is loaded I need to unleash my thoughts. Go to my twitter @tobydonut for more! I will definitely attend lofty heights conference 2017, who knows I might be a speaker. P.S Your mannerisms and appearance can qualify you.

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My Alpha Lofty Heights Influence

You Social!

Okay it may seem like it’s not my business but really I’m concerned. 70% of our time is spent on the Internet!Yes are you suprised? Whether you agree or not it’s true to a large extent, we Google every now and then when we need answers,we check our mails for updates in my case job updates while for some others is to continually download movies or music. Oh well I’m not against movies I enjoy watching movies but if a random person checks your browsing  history and all he sees is torrent download or notjustokay, something is a little wrong.

Without mincing words what precisely do you do on the Internet?  A lot of people in my generation are on snap chat the entire day (I still don’t understand how it works😁) but guess what you can be productive on snapchat I mean you can sell your product or service instead of looking at someone else filter error. Okay if you aren’t interested in snap marketing you can aleast follow those who would snap you out of zombie land:) Snap chat hero is DjKhaled he posts impressive messages all day and makes cool cash off it but you my dear friend scroll through some snaps that wouldn’t add value.Oh no I’m not against some cool fun and funny snap time but friends there should be a limit.

Initially on twitter I followed people who guarantee a follow back which isn’t a bad deal but gradually I realised that they were bloggers or amebos that post sometimes irrelevant things. I scrolled through my timeline one day and I felt stupid nothing whatsoever to lift ny spirit,then and there I received sense and unfollowed unnecessary people. Now I scroll through my timeline and I feel good although some mebos are still lurking around but they’re relevant.The people I follow on Instagram are superb! I follow pages or people that appeal to my personality and business,I look through the pages of my favourite celebs sometimes to know the latest but no I don’t follow them. If you’re a celeb and I follow you then you post stuffs that interest and inspire me,kudos to Femi Jacobs.

After all said you might feel this is a rant or a funny view of a not so random lady but the truth is that I want to send a message across (you should have known) to my fellow youths yes follow who you want I mean it’s your phone and data but please follow those who will be of  great influence. Please leave the comedy pages intact, funny African pics and kraks tv can’t be traded. Follow those who will help you win.

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed it please feel free to comment. It’s my first post be kind oo.

You Social!